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1 Ms. Holmes: The Monster of the Baskervilles Collector's Edition
The monster's back to play...
Hent 09/12/2019
2 Dark Parables: Portrait of the Stained Princess Collector's Edition
When art mirrors life's darkest realities...
Hent 12/31/2019
3 The Unseen Fears: Ominous Talent Collector's Edition
They’ll capture more than your photo!
Hent 05/29/2020
4 Labyrinths of the World: Fool's Gold Collector's Edition
Every legend holds a glimmer of truth...
Hent 11/11/2019
5 Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes Collector's Edition
Cut! Murder on the set!
Hent 05/04/2020
6 Moai VI: Unexpected Guests Collector's Edition
Join two heroes on one grand adventure!
Hent 12/06/2019
7 Haunted Legends: The Scars of Lamia Collector's Edition
What secrets do the scars hold?
Hent 11/16/2019
8 Campgrounds III Collector's Edition
Campsite development is back as Addie helps Bart out of a pickle.
Hent 09/07/2019
9 Mystery Tales: Art and Souls Collector's Edition
A father’s love knows no bounds…
Hent 02/04/2020
10 Grim Tales: The Nomad Collector's Edition
No one can stop the Outcasts!
Hent 07/04/2019
11 Haunted Hotel: Beyond the Page Collector's Edition
Fiction becomes nightmare.
Hent 03/11/2019
12 Grim Facade: The Black Cube Collector's Edition
A sacrifice must be made.
Hent 12/10/2018
13 Haunted Legends: Twisted Fate Collector's Edition
Time itself is in danger!
Hent 11/15/2018
14 Midnight Calling: Arabella Collector's Edition
Save your brother from an evil plot!
Hent 07/14/2018
15 Reflections of Life: In Screams and Sorrow Collector's Edition
A sickness came with them...
Hent 05/10/2018
16 Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side Collector's Edition
Go to the heart of darkness to light the fading flame!
Hent 04/23/2018
17 Grim Tales: The Time Traveler Collector's Edition
A time-traveling killer strikes!
Hent 02/14/2018
18 Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts Collector's Edition
Christmas is in your hands!
Hent 12/24/2017
19 Harrowed Halls: Hell's Thistle Collector's Edition
Time won’t stop these spirits...
Hent 11/05/2017
20 Dark Romance: The Monster Within Collector's Edition
Your portrait reveals your fate!
Hent 09/18/2017
21 Tales of Terror: Art of Horror Collector's Edition
It's been years since the kidnapping...
Hent 04/09/2017
22 Stranded Dreamscapes: The Doppelganger Collector's Edition
Escape the mirrored world!
Hent 11/06/2016
23 League of Light: The Gatherer Collector's Edition
A spooky good mystery!
Hent 07/23/2016
24 Moai IV: Terra Incognita Collector's Edition
The Hero is back for more!
Hent 07/17/2016
25 The Keeper of Antiques: The Revived Book Collector's Edition
Books can be deadly...
Hent 06/19/2016
26 Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle Collector's Edition
What happened at the asylum?
Hent 04/02/2016
27 Royal Detective: Legend Of The Golem Collector's Edition
Golems are attacking Glanville!
Hent 02/12/2016
28 Paranormal Files: The Hook Man's Legend Collector's Edition
When history returns with a vengeance…
Hent 01/25/2020
29 Moai 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition
Reclaim a stolen artifact!
Hent 01/01/2016
30 Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence Collector's Edition
Uncover the dark secret hiding in the mountains of Rockshire!
Hent 08/15/2015
31 Shrouded Tales: Revenge of Shadows Collector's Edition
Save the city of Volarden!
Hent 08/04/2015
32 Viking Brothers VI Collector's Edition
Enter the realm of gods in this time management adventure!
Hent 02/09/2020
33 Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition
Help Jill & Mike to save their wedding!
Hent 01/02/2015
34 Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition
A baby is left on your doorstep!
Hent 11/01/2013
35 Epic Adventures: Forbandelse om bord
Ophæv forbandelsen på et mystisk skib!
Hent 07/10/2011
36 Shaolin Mystery: Sagnet om dragestaven
Find den legendariske dragestav
Hent 03/28/2011
37 Grim Tales: Guest From The Future Collector's Edition
Is this the end of the Grays?
Hent 12/16/2019
38 Flux Family Secrets: Kaninhullet
Rejs gennem historien med Jesse
Hent 02/17/2011
39 Argonauts Agency: Glove of Midas Collector's Edition
Experience the Midas glove in this time management adventure
Hent 11/06/2019
40 Christmas Wonderland 8
The latest Christmas Wonderland adventure is here!
Hent 12/23/2017
41 Reincarnations: Tilbage til virkeligheden
Rejs tilbage til et tidligere liv!
Hent 01/14/2012
42 The Andersen Accounts: A Voice of Reason Collector's Edition
The abilities are the key…
Hent 11/01/2019
43 World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages
Red civilisationen!
Hent 12/28/2011
44 Endless Fables: Shadow Within Collector's Edition
The Prince of Nightmares is calling...
Hent 07/14/2019
45 Bridge to Another World: Gulliver Syndrome Collector's Edition
Dangerous things come in small packages...
Hent 06/29/2019
46 Unsolved Mystery Club: Ancient Astronauts
Find de forsvundne forskere!
Hent 10/22/2011
47 PuppetShow: Den døde by
Red en lille pige fra et dukkemonster!
Hent 07/25/2011
48 Enchanted Kingdom: Descent of the Elders Collector's Edition
Crystals are ripping Tar apart!
Hent 06/19/2019
49 Lost Chronicles: Salem
Flygt fra hekseanklagerne i Salem!
Hent 04/17/2011
50 Detectives United III: Timeless Voyage Collector's Edition
Time is not on our side.
Hent 06/13/2020
51 Fabulous: Angela New York to LA Collector's Edition
Help Angela rock the fashion world in Hollywood!
Hent 06/23/2020
52 Immortal Love: Stone Beauty Collector's Edition
The quest for perfection has deadly consequences...
Hent 06/18/2020
53 Mystic Diary: Spøgelsesøen
Stop din gale bror!
Hent 03/03/2011
54 Robinson Crusoe og piraternes forbandelse
Robinson Crusoe er tilbage!
Hent 12/31/2010
55 Flux Family Secrets: Dominoeffekten
Rejs tilbage i tiden med Jesse
Hent 12/03/2010
56 Rite of Passage: Bloodlines Collector's Edition
Time can’t heal all wounds…
Hent 02/29/2020
57 Kids of Hellas: Back to Olympus Collector's Edition
Help Zeus' children in this time management quest!
Hent 11/20/2018
58 Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 10 Collector's Edition
Explore TWO parks in the latest Park Ranger adventure!
Hent 08/07/2020
59 Mystery Trackers: The Secret of Watch Hill Collector's Edition
It’s waited 15 years...
Hent 04/19/2020
60 Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror Collector's Edition
What lurks within the mist?
Hent 06/28/2020
61 Jewel Match Twilight 3 Collector's Edition
Go on a spine-tingling Match-3 quest!
Hent 07/18/2020
62 Bridge to Another World: Escape From Oz Collector's Edition
A whirlwind of adventure awaits!
Hent 06/11/2017
63 Hermes: War of the Gods Collector's Edition
Answer the call of Zeus and begin the adventure!
Hent 06/03/2020
64 Cadenza: The Following Collector's Edition
Take a detour into the Downbeat!
Hent 01/20/2020
65 Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes Collector's Edition
You won’t believe your eyes…
Hent 05/12/2017
66 Tales of Terror: Estate of the Heart Collector's Edition
Terror strikes deep in the heart!
Hent 04/24/2017
67 Vermillion Watch: Fleshbound Collector's Edition
The Red Queen strikes again!
Hent 01/14/2017
68 Living Legends: The Crystal Tear Collector's Edition
Forbidden magic consumes the castle!
Hent 06/08/2020
69 Edge of Reality: Ring of Destiny Collector's Edition
That's no ordinary dog...
Hent 05/05/2016
70 Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition
Lead an exciting expedition to develop new lands!
Hent 05/26/2014
71 Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio Collector's Edition
A dance that never dies...
Hent 03/04/2014
72 Fatal Evidence: The Missing Collector's Edition
When your friend’s wife is kidnapped…
Hent 07/23/2020
73 F.A.C.E.S.
Brug dine særlige evner!
Hent 08/31/2012
74 Detective Jackie: Mystic Case Collector's Edition
Investigate a mysterious murder of mythological proportions!
Hent 05/24/2020
75 Dark Romance: Ashville Collector's Edition
When tragedy bridges the past and present..
Hent 07/28/2020
76 The Island: Castaway
Kan du overleve et skibbrud?
Hent 05/19/2012
77 Patricia's Quest for Sun
Hjælp Patricia med at finde Sol!
Hent 05/11/2012
78 Sonya
Red Lily's livskraft!
Hent 01/13/2012
79 Vampire Saga: Velkommen til Hell Lock
Slip væk fra Hell Lock!
Hent 11/04/2011
80 Reflections of Life: Utopia Collector's Edition
It’s the Mechanical Toys Fair!
Hent 08/02/2020
81 Snark Busters: Giv den gas
Kan du fange snarken?
Hent 07/24/2011
82 12 Labours of Hercules IX: A Hero's Moonwalk Collector's Edition
The first ever time-management adventure in space
Hent 01/15/2020
83 Narren
Red den smukke prinsesse!
Hent 06/19/2011
84 Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection Collector's Edition
Can you trust the person in the mirror?
Hent 01/10/2020
85 The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising
Kan du kaste glans over Egypten?
Hent 05/20/2011
86 Alice's Wonderland: Cast In Shadow Collector's Edition
Join Alice on a breathtaking time management adventure!
Hent 01/05/2020
87 Relics of Fate: En sag for Penny Macey
Kan Penny redde sin far?
Hent 05/11/2011
88 Christmas Stories: Enchanted Express Collector's Edition
All aboard the Christmas Express!
Hent 12/26/2019
89 Cave Quest
Opklar mysteriet om spøgelseskongen
Hent 05/08/2011
90 Christmas Wonderland 10 Collector's Edition
Help Santa prepare for Christmas!
Hent 12/21/2019
91 Virtual Farm
Vild hygge på bondegården!
Hent 05/02/2011
92 Dark Romance: The Ethereal Gardens Collector's Edition
The King is dead!
Hent 12/11/2019
93 Mystery Case Files: Black Crown Collector's Edition
Beware the Sign of the Black Crown!
Hent 03/20/2020
94 Spirit Legends: Time for Change Collector's Edition
Class is in session!
Hent 03/25/2020
95 Dark Romance: A Performance to Die For Collector's Edition
Music can be a powerful weapon...
Hent 12/01/2019
96 Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanatorium
Hvad gemmer der sig på sanatoriet?
Hent 04/21/2011
97 Whispered Secrets: Dreadful Beauty Collector's Edition
This hospital’s not for healing…
Hent 02/24/2020
98 Tropical Fish Shop 2
Skab den bedste dyrehandel!
Hent 04/18/2011
99 Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame Collector's Edition
Lured by a Madman!
Hent 11/26/2019
100 Fisher's Family Farm
Red familiens fiskefarme!
Hent 04/05/2011